If you have any questions about classes, send us an email or contact our teachers. You are welcome to bring your own mats and props, but we also provide mats, blocks, belts and organic cotton blankets for everyone. We recommend wearing clothing that is comfortable to move in. See our schedule page to view class times. 


Raja Yoga 

Raja Yoga means ‘King of Yogas’ or ‘Royal Yoga’ because it is inclusive of all yoga forms, like Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, Karma, Kundalini and Bhakti Yoga, since these are all collectively called Raja Yoga.

In the Raja Yoga classes, you will get to experience a yoga workout along with information on how to take yoga with you, so that you can incorporate the benefits of this practice in your own space and that compliments your lifestyle. You will learn yogic exercise in the form of asana (seated and standing postures), strengthening and toning exercises, yoga sequences, pranayama breathing techniques, yogic lifestyle practices that help maintain a healthy mind and body balance and also different meditation techniques, which are the real treasure of Yoga. 

Vick has learned yoga from many traditions for many years and has been under the guidance of his own Gurus and teachers. Drawing from his years of authentic and genuine practice, the classes become even more interesting with the secrets of the Yogis that he has discovered on his journey.

Classes are suitable for mixed abilities, including beginners. 

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Meditation has proven to be beneficial in many ways, for thousands of years meditation has been evolving and growing through several cultures and particularly has been emphasised in the east. Vick has been practicing and teaching meditation for the last 25 years and has experience with various meditation techniques. He has been travelling and personally learning from many masters, and himself is an advanced practitioner. Meditation assists to reduce stress, anxiety and uplift the mood. It helps with focus and concentration. In addition, meditation has been known to unlock the hidden human potential and lead to personal development and growth on many new levels. These are just some of the benefits that meditation has to offer, no wonder why top business men and health gurus include meditation as a part of their daily practice. 

Since everyone is different and meditates differently, in each class a different meditation technique is introduced, allowing the meditator to experience different approaches. The classes are informative and interesting as there is so much variety, which can be simple relaxation techniques, general meditation and spiritual meditation. 

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Yoga Flow 

This contemporary style of yoga uses the breath to link poses and connect movements, creating smooth, flowing sequences that build strength, balance and flexibility. Working with a range of postures from simple to slightly more challenging, this relaxed and friendly class allows those of all abilities to develop at their own pace and in their own way. 



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Thai Yoga Massage Classes

Thai yoga massage is Ancient healing art with its roots in Buddhism. In this unique healing system of Thai Yoga Massage – also known as Nuad Boran – the practitioner guides the client through a series of yoga postures, while palming and thumbing along the body’s energy lines and pressure points. Together these actions result in a comprehensive full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically. 

In this 90 minute  class we start with brief chanting and meditation to feel more grounded, calming the mind and bringing awareness to present moment. Through the class, Jungle Man will guide you through a simple sequence which you can apply to your friends, partners etc. Marek or Jungle Man is very creative and able to improvise and tailor the class according each group. Example sequences include those for lower back pain, shoulder mobility, knee pain, headaches or relaxation. All equipment is provided, we advise wearing something comfortable and stretchy.

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Our mat – based Pilates classes are suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to intermediates. Options to progress or regress exercises are given, and the contemporary approach to each class allows everyone to modify the original 34 mat Pilates exercises which makes the method accessible for all to enjoy. Our teachers create sequences of exercises for beginners with a controlled manner to a more dynamic, flowing and intense emphasis for the more experienced practitioner. Special attention is paid to the principles of Pilates and correct alignment and techniques. Pilates practice helps strengthen deep core muscles, improves posture and flexibility, and relieves stress and tension in the body. Mats and props needed are provided, and classes are kept to a small size to ensure everyone receives attention and care. 

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Postnatal Yoga 

A wonderful way to bond with your baby, regain your strength and make friends. These classes are specially designed to allow you to safely exercise with your baby by your side, or joining in. If you have some child care, you are also welcome to come along and enjoy some well-deserved you time, child-free. 

Baby & Me postnatal yoga classes are suitable from 6 weeks after a vaginal birth, or 8 weeks after a c-section, until your baby is on the move. At which time you can then progress into our Movers & Me classes and develop your yoga practice further.

As with any exercise after birth, it is always a good idea to get the all clear from your doctor before you start classes – ask them to check whether you have Diastasis Recti (separated tummy muscles) as that is helpful to know, so exercises can be safely tailored. 

As classes progress, you will build core strength and revitalise yourself. Please note: if you had a baby a year ago or more and never incorporated a dedicated postnatal class to help your recovery after birth, you may not have fully strengthened your pelvic floor or deepest core – so if you currently suffer with lower back ache, particular after any other exercise, or if you have a little wee when you laugh, cough or sneeze, then come along to this class to get you all put back together again.