Located at the Arora Hotel, Southgate Avenue, Crawley, RH10 6LW


De-stressing Deep Tissue Massage

Specifically designed for tight, stressed and aching muscles. A massage that works right into the muscles to release pain and tension.

1hr / £70         1.5hrs / £95          2hrs / £120

Full Body Oil Massage

Experience the healing effects of a relaxing and restorative massage using a synergy of essential oils that will embark your body and mind on a journey of ultimate relaxation and wellness.

1hr / £70          1.5hr / £95            2hrs / £120

Thai Massage

An ancient healing art working on energy lines using hands, knees, elbows and feet in combination with Yoga stretches to release blocked energy and to free the body’s natural healing potential.

1.5hrs / £95       2hrs / £120

Reflexology/ Thai Foot Massage

A therapy, which induces deep relaxation and promotes harmony and balance in the body.

1hr / £70           1.5hrs / £95

Prenatal Nourishing Massage

Designed to aid relaxation and uses special cushions for comfort, leaving the skin nourished and the mind and body totally relaxed.

1hr / £70           1.5hrs / £95

Therapeutic Massage – for a specific condition

Therapy for a specific condition using variety of techniques and styles to enhance the body’s own healing potential (sciatica, shoulder, back knee pain, headache etc.)

 1hr / £70         1.5hrs / £95      2hrs / £120  

Thai Oil – Hot Stone Fusion

Ancient Thai massage, acupressure, stretches combined with soothing oil and hot stones to rejuvenate body, mind and soul.  Full body deeply nourishing treatment. 

2hrs / £120       2.5hrs / £145 

De-stressing and therapeutic combo

Holistic full body oil/hot stone massage finished with foot reflexology to enhance the body’s healing abilities. 

2hrs / £120       2.5hrs / £145 

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