2 Day seminar
2nd and 3rd February 15:00 – 19:00

Winter/ Water Element – Urinary system, bladder & kidneys

Where do we draw our vitality and energy from and how can we support and replenish it when it starts to disappear from our life? What is the key for maintaining life energy and youth?

Where can we find 8 treasures of longevity on our body? What impact do they have on everyday life in winter time? The time when the fears, the uncertainty, the darkness come onto the surface?

Afternoon full of YINspiration and deep relaxation in soothing yin yoga poses, tuning in with your body and suggestions / support / inspiration, how to make yourself, your body and soul nourish / beautify.

According to Chinese medicine, winter time is connected with water element. The water that supports the urinary bladder, kidneys and is very closely connected with our back, especially its lower part.

What everything is waiting for you?

– Water element characteristics typical for winter season.
– What makes it weaker and what makes it harmonious.
– How does it influence our emotional world?
– Food suggestions, what taste the water element likes.
– Yin Yoga sequence supporting Kidneys and Urinary Bladder.
– Urogenital difficulties – what causes them and how to prevent them.
– Ginger tiling for replenishing the kidneys.
– We will learn moxibustion.

The seminar consists of two parts: the first about 90 min. – we will spend in soothing yin yoga positions. In the second part, after a short break, we will learn how to take care about our body and how to prevent urogenital problems.

You will be accompanied by Silvia Kajanová.

“Yin Yoga was my Love at first glance. I had fallen in love with her in Bali years ago. It helped me to find a way to myself, to my true self, inspired me to live the life of my dreams. It was leading me to study Chinese medicine. There is a lot, I am grateful for. And I’d like to share this healing energy with you.”

What to bring with you?

– Comfortable cloths
– Small towel (30×70 cm)
– Open mind and smile

PRICE: £120 per person or £100 for 2 people booked

Capacity is limited. We will be min. 10 max. 15. The place is reserved by paying the full amount by transfer. 

We are looking forward to meeting you at Jungle Healing


Silvia and Jungle man


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